Top 10 Activities for a Snow Day

By: Julie Hess

Here in Maryland a “Snow Day” may or may not involve copious amounts of snow. Therefore we need to be prepared to entertain our kids and our selves come snow, sleet or mixed precipitation. I’ve asked the internet and compiled this list of the top ways to fill the time. 

GET OUTSIDE ALREADY! Weather Permitting

10. Epic Snowball Fight (Given there is enough and right type of snow)

. Build your fortifications using snow shevels, buckets, food storage containers etc.

. Stockpile your ammo (make enough snowballs to ensure you don’t run out in the first five minutes)

. Grab your protective gear. Swim goggles, pot lids and saucer sleds work well for this.

. Ready, Aim Fire!

wooden sled in snow

9. Sledding 

. If you have enough snow and a hill open and high enough to sled down near by grab your saucers, tubes or even a plastic tray in a pinch and head for the hills!

8. Do you wanna build a snowman?

snow woman with pink hat on whimsical chair

. Again, if the snow is deep enough and the right type grab your carrots, buttons old hat and scarf and make a little buddy with your little buddies.

7. Make Snow Art

. Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring. Put on the stream setting and have fun painting the snow. 

Get Cozy!

Enjoy these activities when it’s time to get warm or if it’s just too wet and icy outside.

6. Antsy kids getting to you? Try having a dance party to your favorite tunes or create an indoor scavenger hunt . 

5.  Make Snowcream or maple snow candy

vanilla snow cream!

4. Bake Cookies

3. Make a big pot of something good

2. Get Crafty. 

Most of these you can do with items hanging around your house. If all else fails, just print out some cool coloring pages.

1. A  Hug and a mug

snuggles and hot beverages
hugs and mugs

. Hot chocolate and snuggles with your littles or fur babies is aways a great idea.

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