What is a Sellers Market

By Chris Streett

What is a Sellers Market?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term Sellers Market being thrown around the media or party conversations, but you don’t know exactly what that means?

A sellers market is defined as:

When supply is less than demand, homes will be higher priced and more attractive to home sellers in the market.

So what does this mean for you? It means it’s a great time to sell your home!

Recipe for a SALE!


  • Increasing Interest rates
  • Increased Home prices
  • High Demand for Houses
  • Decreased Inventory of Homes

Mix well and watch the value of your home rise!

Interest rates  are increasing

The interest rate on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages has risen to 4.17% in early 2017, as opposed to 3.72% in early 2016. The current rate is not exactly high by historical standards, but the uptick is that uncertainty  of how high it will go makes for motived buyers. As of October 2016, home prices nationwide had experienced a 5.6% year-over-year gain.

Prices are up

“With the current high consumer confidence numbers and low unemployment rate, affordability trends do not suggest an immediate reversal in home price trends,” said David Blitzer of S&P Dow Jones Indices. (Source CNN.com)

Nationwide, the median home price was $225,000 during the first quarter of 2017, the report stated, up 13% from a year ago.Homeowners who sold in the first three months of this year saw an average price gain of $44,000 from purchase, according to a report from Attom Data Solutions. That’s the highest gain since 2007. (Source CNN.com)

Demand is up

The climb in prices and interest rates seems to have many homebuyers thinking, “Grab it now before it gets even more expensive!” According to realtor.com, home listing views in December 2016 were up by 40% to 80% compared to the same time in 2015, despite the fact that December is historically the slowest time of year for home sales.

Inventory is down

Realtor.com also reports that active inventory on the website was down 11% in December of 2016 compared to inventory in December 2015.That’s after 51 straight months of already below-normal inventory levels and it’s still decreasing. (Source CNN.com)

Going, going, gone

Not only are home prices rising, they’re moving fast. On a national level, homes sat on the market for an average of 45 days in the first quarter, down from 84 during the same time period in 2011, according to data from Clear Capital.

In the five fastest-moving markets, homes are on the market for less than 21 days. (cnn.com)

3 advantages of selling in a Sellers Market.

  1. Higher Sales Price
  2. The Right to Refuse Concessions
  3. Sellers Dominate the transaction

In a seller’s market sellers can negotiate shorter inspection periods as well instructing buyers to waive certain contingencies such as appraisal or loan contingencies.  http://realtytimes.com/advicefromagents/item/33212-3-advantages-of-selling-in-a-sellers-market

Ways to take advantage of a Sellers Market

Prep your home for sale.  This may or may not involve staging, but it absolutely should include cleaning the home from top to bottom. Make some needed updates to flooring, lighting  or hardware. Punch up your curb appeal by power washing the exterior, add some landscaping and repaint shutters or doors if needed.  This an inexpensive way to entice buyers and possibly get multiple offers some even over asking price.

Keep us in mind

Whether you’re just thinking about selling your home or are ready to take the plunge and use this Sellers Market to your advantage, we here at Streett Hopkins have the expertise to get you the best possible price for your home.

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