Landscape Ideas that Boost Curb Appeal

home with manicured lawn

There are plenty of ways to make your landscaping stand out from the crowd. In a busy real estate market, that’s especially important. Investing in curb appeal is a great way to attract more buyers and get them through the front door. 

Check out these landscaping ideas that boost curb appeal to sell your home fast.

Keep Up with Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the lawn while your home is on the market is a crucial part of curb appeal. Lawns mowed on a regular basis look sharper and offer a clean slate to potential buyers. For an upscale look, consider mowing the grass at an angle to help draw the eye towards the house. If you don’t have time to mow regularly, consider hiring a local lawn care company that can do the work for you. 

Weeding and watering are also important. A lawn full of weeds will be an eyesore, and a dry lawn will turn brown. But be careful about overwatering and making your lawn susceptible to disease.

Dress Up the Entrance

Your front door is usually the first place that a potential buyer will come in contact with your home. Don’t miss this critical opportunity to make an impression by dressing up the door. Consider covering the front door with a fresh coat of paint and pay attention to the trim as well. Hang a beautiful wreath or welcome sign on the door that will help buyers remember your home when touring multiple houses in a day. 

black eyed susan flowers

Add a row of native black-eyed Susans along the walkway to your home for a cozy and picture-perfect look. Other options include adding containers with bright blooms, such as cardinal flowers, around the yard and near the front door. Incorporating native blossoms into your landscaping will add natural beauty to the home and attract area pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Since these flowers are native to Maryland, they don’t need much extra attention making them a perfect fit for the busy season of selling a home.

Spread Fresh Mulch

Adding a thick layer of dark brown mulch around your landscaping can instantly boost curb appeal. Use organic mulch options, such as bark dust, to give your yard a uniform look. Fresh mulch smells nice and also helps cut down on weed growth which will make the process of selling a home even easier. Potential buyers who notice fresh mulch will know that you care for your home.

Power-Wash Hardscapes

power washing   brick patio

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your landscaping is to power wash the hardscaped areas of the yard. You’d be amazed how much dirt can build up on patios, concrete, and brickwork over time. Rent a power washer for an afternoon, or borrow one from a neighbor, to blast off those darkened spots. You’ll see immediate improvement and wonder why you didn’t power wash everything years ago. Consider power washing the exterior portions of your home as well for a cleaner look.

These few simple touches can make a world of difference when it comes to creating a good first impression to potential buyers. A clean, well-kept exterior signals a house that’s been cared for inside and out. You’ll book more showings, and may even get offers above your asking price.

William Dukes is a freelance writer and home decorator. He spends most of his time landscaping and fixing up and flipping old houses. He and his wife enjoy home DIY projects and recently built a new barn for their ranch.

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