Home Features Buyers Look for in the Time of Covid-19

Home Features Buyers Look for in the Time of Covid-19

There’s no denying none of us are the same people we were a year ago. Co-vid  has impacted so much of our daily routine and lifestyle from how we work, to how we socialize and shop. It has even impacted how we shop for homes. Many features that were once desirable are no longer, and things that maybe used to be a small asset, can have big returns on investment. Read on to find out what home buyers are looking for in these strange and unprecedented times. 

  • Separate Spaces

Less and less are buyers yearning for the open concept home. By spending more time at home together, privacy is in the forefront of many minds. Home shoppers are looking for defined spaces that can double as home offices, zoom rooms or entertainment nooks for a retreat. 

  • Outdoor Living Space

Given that transmission of Covid -19 is lessened in open outdoor spaces, many people are relying on functional outdoor spaces to entertain friends and family for safe socialization. Don’t go putting in that pool just yet, even the smallest changes like a furnished patio, nice landscaping or especially a fire pit is a huge draw factor that has a big ROI. 

  • Home Office/ Classroom

With many working from home and kids attending virtual school multiple spaces that double as a quiet environment for these are very desirable. Even if your home doesn’t have a specific room that is an “office” turning an unused front living room or dining room into this style of room is going to help potential buyers envision how they can easily adapt in your home. 

  • Upgraded Laundry Room

Cleanliness is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Having a clean, attractive organized space for doing laundry, and storing cleaning products shows potential buyers, this home is sanitary and makes the domestic drudge a little more appealing. 

  • Mudroom

With the previous comment being said, having a designated and organized drop zone for everyone to unload their bags, and remove their shoes as well as unloading and sanitizing groceries and other packages makes keeping the home clean all the more easier. 

  • Home Gym

Dust off that elliptical laundry hanger and clear-off that treadmill cutter catcher. Moving these items to a designated location to serve as an indoor gym lets fitness fanatics know that they can continue to work-out even in the colder months of quarantine.  

  • In-Law Suite

Should your home have a detached in-law suite or even a spare room many buyers with multigenerational families or families looking for a safe place to host older more vulnerable members close by for an extended period of time. 



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