HarfordNEXT: A Master Plan for the Next Generation

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Planning for the Next 20 Years

The Harford County Government is currently in the process of making plans that will guide Harford County for the next 20 years. If you own property or live in Harford County, or are considering moving here, you should be aware of this plan called HarfordNEXT.

Preservation and Development Zoning

This update to the 2012 Master Plan and Land Use will affect various elements such as:

  • Natural resources
  • Priority preservation area
  • Historic preservation
  • Transportation

The Department of Planning and Zoning began planning in April 2015, and they are scheduled to finalize plans in the spring of 2016.

HarfordNEXT Timeline

Keeping You Up-to-date

We are closely following the HarfordNEXT process and its implications for the community. We would be happy to discuss your particular property and how this plan may impact you in the future. Please refer to the HarfordNEXT website for more information. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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