Cold Weather, Hot Market

By: Dan Fischbach

The winter weather is cold, but the market is HOT. If you were thinking of selling your home this spring, you might want to reconsider and do it now. The average days on market for a home in Bel Air during October and November 2017  was only 31 days!  Here are a few more stats about winter home sales you might find interesting.

  • Buyers in winter months have more urgency.
  • Research has found that average sellers got more above asking price December through March.
  • Homes listed in winter sell faster than those listed in spring.

If you do decide to list in the winter please keep the following tips in mind.

Goldilocks the Price

Not too low or too high, but juuuuust right.  Pricing too high will have negative effects even in a sellers market and might actually drop the price of your home below market value in the long run if it sits on the market too long. Our agents can give you a fair market comparison and list you in the sweet spot.

Curb Appeal is Still Important

Although your home won’t look as great as it does in full bloom it doesn’t hurt to keep it clean and well maintained.

-Make sure leaves and debris are removed from the yard regularly

-If there is snow, clear a path for potential buyers to walk on and salt it for safety

-Repaint the front door and replace house numbers if necessary

-Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures

-Replace welcome mat if necessary

-Place and urn of Evergreens and winterberries near the front entrance.

-Leave Patio/Deck furniture out if possible and stack firewood into fire

-Stage the outdoor areas for a bonfire with throws, roasting sticks,

and Tray with S’mores ingredients and mugs.

Spring Clean Early

Winter home buyers are more attuned to maintenance. Make sure your house shines.

  • Make necessary repairs to HVAC, roof, and window seals.
  • Check for cobwebs everywhere
  • Clean out garden beds of leaves and debris and add new mulch
  • Replace filters in HVAC
  • Wipe down baseboards and/or repaint dingy walls
  • Clean out under sinks and in closets removing unnecessary items.
  • Replace shelf liners in cabinets
  • Minimize items in storage and on countertops
  • Remove screens and wash windows and doors
  • Fix Chipped Paint
  • Caulk windows and repair seals around showers.
  • Polish chrome
  • Bleach Dingy grout
  • Dust ceiling fan blades and light fixtures
  • Clean floors and vacuum daily

Bright and Cheery

Dreary gray winter days call for a bright warm home. Entice potential buyers by making your house as light and cheery as possible when showing.

  • Turn up the T-Stat  to 71
  • Turn on all overhead lights and lamps
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs and make it the brightest possible for the recommended wattage.
  • Add floor lamps to dark corners
  • Open blinds and curtains so as much light can get in as possible, but be careful to avoid showcasing undesirable landscapes such as you neighbors shed, or a run down fence.
  • Paint dark rooms and hallways an off white

Get Hygge With It 

Hygge is the Danish word for making a cozy environment to live in during the winter.

  • Decorate with seasonal comfort items such as:
    • Neutral Cozy Throw
    • Neatly Stacked firewood by a fireplace
  • Create a romantic Mood with
    • Coffee table tray with two champagne fluted and an ice bucket
    • Set dining room table for dinner for two
    • Put a breakfast tray with coffee cup and saucer a napkin and reading material on the master bed.
    • Play soft Jazz music throughout the house
  • Turn your Bathrooms into a Spa
    • Hang Plush robes
    • Roll up wash cloths and tie with a ribbon
    • Set up groupings of lotions and soaps

-Place vases of white flowers throughout the home

Showcase your assets

  • Replace photos of your family with photos of your home during the Spring, Summer and Autumn to show buyers the beauty of your gardens.
  • Attach printed cards to items that you have recently replaced or if is an antique or original to the home such as light fixtures or hardwood floors so that buyers know.

In conclusion, listing in the winter can be a very profitable and quick experience. Keeping these suggestions in mind will help to ease anxiety and make the most of the situation. We hope you chose us if this time is right for you.

About Dan: Baltimore County native, Daniel Fischbach, has many years of sales experience. He spent the last seven years working as a Verizon sales associate and team leader. He also has experience working with Nu Look Home Design as a salesperson, helping families update their home exteriors. He is a licensed realtor and is a member of the Harford County Association of Realtors. Daniel strives to create a personal experience for every client he works with.


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