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owner julia There’s a new kid on the block. Classic Home Furniture and Décor on Bond Street next to Newberry Bakery. I visited the store recently and found it difficult not to purchase everything I saw. With their many beautiful furniture pieces and curated one of a kind vintage items as well as custom made pottery and linens at reasonable prices, it is unlike any boutique in Bel Air.  I asked owner Julia Dowell a few questions that many people have about decorating and about her new store.

1. How would you describe your store?

Classic Home is a family owned business in downtown Bel Air. We have new, refurbished and vintage furniture and home décor as well as local art and handmade gifts. We spend the time finding those pieces that you don’t see in most furniture stores. We also repair and restore furniture and build custom pieces if you can’t seem to find what you are looking for.

2. What are the top 5 must have things you would recommend for someone buying a new house.  

* One vintage/antique piece in a room 

There’s no


rule that says all the furniture in your house needs to come from the same time period. In fact, mixing other styles can give your home a refreshing feel and add texture to a room.

* Wood warms things up

It’s seems that is all about painted furniture now and I love it but adding a natural wood element brings the warmth and peacefulness of the outdoors into your home.

* Don’t underestimate the entryway

This is the first impression your guests get of your home and who you are. Make it personal and welcoming. Also make it functional for your family. Have a place to drop your keys, shoes or bags. Even a small space can make a statement.

* Be patient

As much as you want everything totally finished, I suggest being a bit patient. Sometimes it takes time to find that great piece. Yes, you need places to sit and tables to eat at but some things can wait.

* Have fun

Your house is your home, your haven. Make it about you and your family. Make it relaxing and fun. That is truly what matters.

3. How can someone inexpensively incorporate new trends such as Farm House Chic into a dated house?

Incorporating new trends on a budget is so easy with thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, Facebook marketplace and furniture consignment shops. Look at the magazines, watch the shows and pay attention to the little details. The small things can change a look of a room. We try to keep our prices low in the store to make it affordable and we are always happy to give decorating ideas. I have people bring in pictures of a challenging room looking for help.

4. What are the worst mistakes people make when trying to DIY furniture makeovers?

The biggest mistake people make is underestimating how much work and mess it is to DIY. We have had many frustrated customers bring us pieces that they have tried to do on their own and have given up. I would suggest doing lots of research first to know what you are getting into.

5. What types of services and products does your store provide that set you apart from other home design stores in the area?

We not only have the pieces that follow the current trends but the unique elements that will be the conversation starters in your home. The furniture we refurbish has good lines and strong bones. Our handmade items are one-of-a-kind things you will not find anywhere else.

Classic Home is a gem of a store. You should stop in and see what they’re about. I guarantee you will walk out with at the very least a smile, but most likely a bag of great finds. Mention this blog and receive 10% off a full price item until April 24th.  Have a peek at what’s in store at 

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