11 Point Checklist for your Home Inspection

How to Best Prepare  yourself for a Buyers Home inspection of your home

  1. Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Knowledge is Power! Why risk having your sale fall apart because of unknown inspection issues that could have been easily discovered, disclosed and addressed.

Having a pre-sale inspection will allow you to:

Make repairs before listing the home

  • Ensure a smoother, more efficient transaction- Because the issues have been disclosed ahead of time, the buyer will not be surprised by anything and will be less likely to walk away or demand a lower price for the home.
  • Save Money- When issues are discovered during a buyer-initiated home inspection, the buyer and seller will enter into negotiations to determine who will cover the costs of repairs. In general, buyers tend to significantly overestimate the costs of these repairs, and the seller loses far more money than he or she would have paid to have completed the repairs before listing the home. 

Help your agent more accurately price the home 

Appear more trustworthy to potential buyers.

  • By disclosing any issues in advance, the buyers can feel confident they are making a deal with a trustworthy person who is not trying to hide anything. 

2. Clean and service the HVAC

Before putting your home on the market, have the HVAC throughly checked, the coil cleaned, adjust freon lives if needed and change the filter

3. Make the attic, basement and garage accessible. 

These spaces must be accessible to the inspector. Due to liability reasons they are not allowed to touch or move the sellers belongings in any way. Also, by organizing and cleaning these areas it makes the home more appealing to potential buyers. 

4. Check every light and fan switch

light switch

Inspect to make sure all lights and ceiling fans are operable using switches or remotes (if applicable). Make sure all remotes are accessible and operational and have new batteries in them so the inspector can thoroughly check all components. Label anything that could be potentially confusing.

5. Find and label all remotes

Any remotes that operate other items in the home such as gas fireplace, electric shades, fountains, sound systems, spas/jacuzzis etc. Make sure they are all out for the inspection clearly labeled as to what they go to with instructions on how to operate them.

6. Make sure the fireplace is in working order.

  • Gas- Is it operational and is their gas available to turn on? Consider bringing in a gas appliance contractor to check it before selling.
  • Wood Burning- Have the chimney swept and the chimney cap replaces if rusted. 

7. Check the pool equipment

  • Have a pool company come out to check, test and service all equipment.
  • If the pool has a heater it should be checked as well. If the heater doesn’t work or never worked, make sure to disclose that information up front to avoid issues with a buyer negotiating a new heater post- inspection.

8. Have the sprinkler system checked

If you have a system, please check sprinkler heads to ae are nothing is giving the house or is broken or damaged from lawn equipment.  Leave instructions on how to operate and test the system for the inspector and what to rent the settings to. 

9. Open, Close and lock every window


This ensures that all windows open and close properly. Look over the glass to see if panes are fogged or cracked. Check screens for damage or missing screens. Survey the window sills and surrounding dry wall for any signs of leaks and if any is found have the root cause fixed before listing your property. 

10. Look at caulking and grout

If your showers and baths look like they need re caulking do it, same goes for regroutting. Doing so will make your bath appear neat, clean and refreshed.

11. Special Instructions

  • Do not assume that all inspectors know how to operate the items in your house.
  • If there is something that requires a few steps ir is quirky it is helpful to leave instructions on how to turn something on and off.
  • Be sure to leave instructions reminding the inspector how you would like things left.

Sources: Cara Ameer for Inman

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